Week In Review, 26 November 2023

Hogwarts Snow Globe 16×20 – $400

Week In Review, 26 November 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of our Week In Review, where I share the highlights and happenings of the Northwoods Art world. The week of November 26, 2023, has been nothing short of exhilarating, filled with the completion of remarkable paintings, the launch of merch on the website, and overwhelming responses from the art community. Let’s dive into the details!

Unveiling New Paintings!

Armored Core 6 – A Gaming Saga Brought to Life

This week marked the completion of a special commissioned piece titled “You Ready To Climb The Wall?” – an 18×24 acrylic painting inspired by an iconic moment from Armored Core 6. The painting vividly captures the custom armor and loadout of the client’s character, demonstrating the unique possibilities of character builds in the game. The artwork’s social media debut was met with a massive response, garnering over 1800 likes and 150 comments. This success has sparked interest in four additional custom projects.

“Elephant, Lion, Monkey” – A Family Portrait with a Twist

Another commissioned work, “Elephant, Lion, Monkey,” is an 18×24 gift for a client’s mother. The painting creatively represents the client’s family as animals with their human reflections mirrored in the water under an African sunset. This piece, particularly with its vibrant sunset, became a personal favorite for its emotional depth and artistic challenge.

“Hogwarts Snow Globe” – A Magical Winter Scene

My personal favorite creation of the week, “Hogwarts Snow Globe,” is a 16×20 original acrylic painting. It beautifully encapsulates Hogwarts Castle in a snow globe, complete with a flurry surrounding the magical school. The original painting and its prints are both available. It has definitely secured a spot in my top 10 favorites for the year.

“Lofoten, Norway” – A Serendipitous Landscape

“Lofoten, Norway” started as an experimental piece, evolving into a full-fledged 16×20 painting. It features the picturesque mountain town of Lofoten blanketed in snow, with stunning reflections of the mountains and town lights on water. This piece was an enjoyable exploration of landscape and reflections, available both as an original and in print.

Launching The Merch Store

This week also saw the debut of my merchandise line on the website. The Merch Shop offers a variety of products featuring my artwork, including coffee mugs with designs like “A Good Morning,” “Neon Ghost,” and “Hogwarts Snow Globe.” This new venture provides an affordable way for art enthusiasts to own a piece of their favorite artwork in a functional form.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Projects on the Horizon

The upcoming week promises to be bustling with creativity. I am currently working on seven diverse pieces, ranging from portraits to a tribute to the card game Magic. Additionally, I’m exploring new themes like an afternoon at a vineyard, an Iron Giant piece, a venture into a galaxy far, far away, and a large 24×24 video game-inspired artwork.

As we welcome December, I am thrilled to share these new ventures with you. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of this artistic journey!

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