A Week In Review! October 1, 2023

A Week In Review! October 1, 2023

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow 12×16 – $300

This week has truly been a marathon of artistry. If you ever wonder what keeps an artist on their toes, pushing boundaries, and consistently burning the midnight oil, here’s a glimpse.

Sleep vs Time: Pitting sleep against time was all the rage this week. With six finished paintings under my belt, two incredibly detailed ones in progress, and three new commissions warming up in the bullpen, it’s been all hands (and brushes) on deck. That schedule translated into only four hours of sleep each night, and in return, I devoted 10-13 hours daily to my craft. The coming week? You guessed it: more of the same. There’s an inexplicable thrill in pushing my own boundaries, finding out just how far passion can stretch resilience.

The fall colors, with their warm hues and cozy vibes, became the dominant palette this week. And to add a little fun, I sprinkled in some spookiness to welcome my favorite season. With Texas finally showing signs of a cooler season, the outdoors beckons. Trails await, and nature, with its myriad inspirations, is calling out to me.

Adding A New Option: The week also saw the exciting addition of prints to the website. This ensures that art lovers, even if they miss out on the original pieces, can still own a part of my vision. Most originals from now on will have accompanying prints for you to cherish.

Here Are The Finished Pieces From The Week!

  1. Soldier, Fireman: This piece is not just a painting; it’s a story, a narrative of dual lives. Commissioned as a 12×12 piece, the artwork elegantly captures the two contrasting worlds. One side showcases tranquility, a soldier walking out of the grass, while the other side burns with intensity, with a fireman emerging from flames. The duality speaks volumes about the multifaceted lives many lead.
  2. Trophies: The beauty of fall forests is unmatched. In this 12×16 acrylic painting, two deer stand amidst the picturesque fall woods. Their poised stillness, set against the riot of colors, truly makes this piece a trophy. Dive deeper into this artwork or get its prints here.
  3. In The Light Of Fall: Imagine a serene evening by a river, the first hints of snow gently covering the banks, and a deer casting its gaze across the tranquil waters. This painting is a tribute to the inevitable change of seasons and the beauty it brings along. Be a part of this serene transition; originals and prints are available here.
  4. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow: Inspired by the timeless tale, this 12×16 acrylic painting brings to life the eerie legend of the Headless Horseman. Under a hazy moon, he races with a flaming pumpkin, setting the tone for the spooky season. Relive the legend with prints available here.
  5. The House: Every season has its own charm. And what’s fall without a little thrill? This painting captures a spooky house, illuminated by the pale moonlight, doors and windows aglow with an eerie light. Embrace the chills and thrills with the original or its prints here.
  6. In The Yellow Trees: As the sun plays hide and seek, casting elongated shadows, a majestic buck stands tall amidst a fall forest. The golden hues of autumn envelop the scene, making it a testament to nature’s grandeur. Experience this magic and more here.

What’s Next?

The Horizon: Gearing up for the next week, I am embracing diversity in subjects. A majestic World of Warcraft painting is nearing its final touches. Plus, a 24×36 mirrored image artwork promises to be an intricate challenge. But the cherry on top? An electric neon ninja in the making. Couple these with a fun monkey and cowboy commission, and it’s set to be a rollercoaster of artistic exploration.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your support fuels my passion. Do keep an eye on the prints section, and here’s to many more colors filling our lives.

Warm regards,

David Cogley

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