A Week In Review! September 25, 2023

A Week In Review! September 25, 2023

As we bid farewell to September, the month wraps up with a lot of excitement. Between the completion of incredibly fun paintings and an exhilarating collaboration on the horizon, there’s so much to unpack. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of the week:

“Canon Beach”

“Canon Beach” and David

Beginning the week on a high note, I unveiled my grandest artwork yet – “Canon Beach”. Measuring an imposing 30×40, this original acrylic painting depicts the iconic Haystack Rock located at Canon Beach in Oregon. While I’ll be holding on to the original, enthusiasts can get a slice of Canon Beach through prints available here.

“Infinite Combat”

Infinite Combat – 10×20

Following closely was “Infinite Combat”. Commissioned as a 10×20 acrylic painting, it brings to life the valiant Master Chief from Halo as he combats the Covenant. With the enigmatic Halo ring set as the backdrop, this artwork quickly secured a place among my all-time favorites. The social media world seemed to agree, given the flurry of appreciation it’s garnered on various social media platforms.

“B-52 And The Crow”

B-52 And The Crow – 12×12

Sculpting personal stories onto canvas is always gratifying. Such was the case with “B-52 And The Crow”. This 12×12 commissioned piece mirrors a cow’s reflection on water, shadowed by the formidable B-52 flying above. Tailored to symbolize dual passions of a client, this painting speaks of love and memories.

Starshatter: Embarking on a Galactic Voyage

This week also marked the onset of a promising partnership with Black Knight, the prodigious mind behind the Starshatter book series. Transporting readers to an enthralling space odyssey, Black Knight has garnered commendable acclaim with over 2.6k Amazon users rating his seven published books between 4 and 5 stars. I’m currently working on portraying one of the awesome ships from his series on a 16×20 canvas. This painting, once finished, will be up for grabs both as an original and prints. For those intrigued by the universe of Starshatter, dive into Black Knight’s Amazon collection. Furthermore, you can get a glimpse of his world on the social media platform MINDS.

What’s Next?

The upcoming week promises to stun with some beautiful pieces. With two commissions underway, including a portrait from of the World of Warcraft universe, my own excitement is building. On my drawing board are the Starshatter creation, an electrifying Daft Punk monster, and some Halloween pieces to set the tone for October. Stay tuned for more!

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