A Week In Review X2! 12-25 November 2023

A Week In Review X2! (12-25 November 2023)

Happy weekend everyone! Courtesy of the holiday intermission, its been two weeks since my last entry here. As we reconvene, I’m brimming with updates and exhilarating news to share. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity, culminating in the completion of four exquisite paintings, along with a huge milestone. So, without further ado, let’s immerse ourselves into this artistic journey.

Crossing the Threshold of Painting 200 with “The Traveller’s Saint

In an exhilarating run, I have crossed a monumental milestone – my 200th painting! The pièce de résistance, titled “The Traveller’s Saint,” is a grand 24×30 canvas that encapsulates a blend of spirituality and the open road. It portrays St. Christopher in an act of guardianship over a semi truck, navigating the treacherous yet awe-inspiring mountainous terrain. This piece isn’t just a painting; it’s a testament to the journey thus far – 200 paintings deep since the inception of this venture in February, with approximately 150 artworks finding their new homes.

The Milestones and Masterpieces

  • “Black Legion”: This 12×12 acrylic rendition of the formidable Black Legion from the Warhammer 40k universe is nothing short of a spectacle. Drawing inspiration from a classic video game cover, this commissioned piece exudes the essence of the faction with striking detail, setting a milestone for the intensity and depth I aim to capture in my work.
  • “Whiptail, Skull and Peppers”: An imaginative foray into the desert, this original artwork features a bull skull amidst the sands, a vigilant whiptail lizard navigating its contours. The peppers, strategically placed, are not mere botanical additions but symbolic nods to the vibrant Mexican flag.
  • “Sunset In Yosemite Valley”: This 12×12 acrylic painting transports viewers to the serene expanse of Yosemite National Park at dusk. With Half Dome and El Capitan standing as silent sentinels, the forest stretches into the valley, embodying the tranquil yet majestic spirit of the park.

Neon Ghost: A Spectacle Enframed

The “Neon Ghost,” the piece that I consider my greatest to date, is now ensconced in a frame that accentuates its allure. This piece is eagerly awaiting its new owner – frame included, with prints also available for those who wish to capture its essence in a different format.

Looking Ahead with Anticipation

The artistic voyage continues with the near completion of the AC6 painting, and I’m equally excited about the upcoming African wilderness scene, which promises to capture the resplendent beauty of a sunset over the savanna. And, as the festive season approaches, the first of the winter series will soon unveil, setting the tone for a magical Christmas.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm. Remember, my DMs are always open for those ready to embark on their own artistic adventure. Here’s to many more creations and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead!

Stay inspired and tuned for what’s to come!

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